Is Vivint Home Security Worth It? Vivint Reviews in 2023


Posted on 29-09-2023 09:58 AM

Vivint Home Security is a leading provider of smart home security systems, offering comprehensive protection for your home and family. Whether you need an indoor camera to monitor your living space or a doorbell camera for added security, Vivint has the perfect solution. Our video doorbell is also a popular choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor security.

Trust Vivint to provide top-notch outdoor cameras and advanced technology for all your home security needs. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Vivint, a leading home security company, has earned the trust of millions of customers nationwide. Their smart locks and smart home video systems provide advanced smart security for homes. Their range of products includes the Vivint outdoor camera, doorbell camera, indoor cameras, smart home video, smart lock, and more from this home security company. These smart lock, doorbell camera, and indoor camera devices provide enhanced security for your front door and other areas of your home. With the addition of a video doorbell, you can further increase the safety of your home. According to Vivint offers killer customization, high end smart home integrations, and professional installation.

In addition to its advanced surveillance capabilities, Vivint, a home security company, also offers convenient features like mobile notifications that keep you informed about any activity around your property. With their smart home video and security cameras, including indoor cameras, you can ensure the safety of your home. If you're looking for a reliable home security company with top-notch technology and exceptional customer service, Vivint is worth considering. Their doorbell camera, smart hub, outdoor camera pro, and other cameras are all part of their impressive range of offerings. Contact Vivint for more information.


Pros and Cons of Choosing Vivint for Home Security


Vivint home security offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among homeowners, including the doorbell camera, smart hub, outdoor camera pro, and other cameras. Here are some of the pros:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring: With Vivint, you can enjoy round-the-clock monitoring by trained professionals who will promptly respond to any security alerts from your smart home, including your doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and other cameras. This security system provides an added layer of peace of mind, knowing that your home is being watched over by doorbell cameras and other security cameras, even when you're not there. Trust our security company to keep your home safe.

  • Vivint's system seamlessly integrates with other smart devices in your home, including doorbell cameras like the outdoor camera pro. This allows you to control everything from one central hub provided by the company. Whether it's adjusting the thermostat, turning on lights, or locking doors, the convenience of managing multiple smart home devices through a single interface is truly invaluable.

  • Vivint, a leading home security company, offers advanced video surveillance options for your smart home security system. With the Outdoor Camera Pro, you can benefit from AI-powered analytics that detect and deter potential intruders at your doorbell. The Vivint outdoor camera and doorbell are smart home devices that provide high-quality video footage and real-time alerts, enhancing the security for your property.

  • Customizable packages: Vivint understands that every homeowner has different needs when it comes to devices and security systems. Whether you're looking for a new doorbell or an outdoor camera pro, Vivint has the options to meet your specific requirements. That's why our home security company offers customizable packages that allow you to select the features and equipment for your smart home security system. This ensures that when choosing devices for your smart home, such as a camera, you're getting exactly what you need without paying for unnecessary extras from Vivint.


While Vivint's smart home system has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider before making a decision. One of the advantages is the inclusion of a camera and doorbell, which provide added security and convenience. However, it's important to note that there may be some drawbacks to using the Vivint Pro system.

  • Higher upfront costs: Compared to some competitors, Vivint's smart home camera system upfront costs may be higher due to professional installation and equipment fees. However, it's important to note that these costs often reflect the quality and reliability of their camera system from Vivint, a smart home company.

  • Professional installation required for Vivint's smart home camera: Unlike some DIY systems, Vivint's smart home camera requires professional installation. While setting up the Vivint smart home system, it is important to consider the inclusion of a camera. This ensures proper functionality and may come with additional fees depending on your location.

  • To use Vivint's smart home camera system, customers are typically required to sign a long-term contract commitment. While this commitment to the vivint smart home system provides stability and ongoing support, it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who prefer more flexibility with their camera.

  • Limited availability: Vivint's smart home camera system may not be available in all areas. Before considering Vivint as your home security provider, it's important to check if they operate in your location and offer camera services.

Assessing the Value of Vivint Home Security System

Comprehensive Protection for Your Home

The Vivint home security system provides comprehensive protection against burglary, fire, and environmental hazards with the help of a camera. With Vivint's advanced camera technology and pro equipment, you can rest assured that your home is well-guarded. The smart home system includes features such as motion sensors, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a camera provided by Vivint.

Immediate Response with Professional Monitoring

One of the major advantages of Vivint is their professional monitoring service for smart home camera systems. In case of an emergency, the Vivint monitoring team will be alerted immediately and take appropriate action using smart home cameras. Whether it's a break-in or a fire, the smart home camera from Vivint will contact the relevant authorities to ensure a swift response. This round-the-clock monitoring in your smart home, provided by the Vivint camera, provides peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away.

Potential Savings on Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Investing in a monitored home security system like Vivint, which includes a camera, may lead to potential savings on homeowners insurance premiums. Insurance providers often offer discounts for homes equipped with security systems, including cameras and Vivint systems, as they are considered less risky to insure. By having Vivint camera installed in your home, you not only enhance its safety but also potentially reduce your insurance expenses.

Increased Property Value and Resale Advantage

Having a reputable home security system like Vivint can increase the value of your property by providing advanced camera surveillance. Potential buyers see it as an added benefit when purchasing a home already equipped with a reliable vivint camera and security measures in place. It gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their smart home investment, equipped with a Vivint camera, is secure from potential threats.

Reviewing Vivint's Smart Home Security Features

Mobile App for Remote Control and Monitoring

Vivint's smart home security system comes equipped with a user-friendly mobile app that allows homeowners to control and monitor their security features, including the camera, from anywhere. With just a few taps on their smartphone, Vivint users can arm or disarm their system, view live video feeds from Vivint security cameras, and receive real-time alerts about any suspicious activity.

Voice Control Integration with Virtual Assistants

For added convenience, Vivint integrates seamlessly with popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to enhance the functionality of your smart home. With Vivint, you can easily control and monitor your smart home devices, including cameras, using voice commands through these virtual assistants. This means homeowners can control their smart home security features using voice commands, making it easy to arm the vivint system or check the status of sensors without lifting a finger. Additionally, they can use the vivint camera to monitor their home remotely.

Geo-Fencing Capabilities for Automatic Arming/Disarming

Vivint's geo-fencing capabilities take home security automation to the next level with the addition of a camera. By utilizing GPS technology, the Vivint camera system can automatically arm or disarm itself based on the homeowner's location. For example, when you leave your house and move beyond a certain radius, the Vivint camera system will automatically arm itself to ensure your home is protected.

Energy Management Features for Optimal Energy Usage

In addition to its robust security features, Vivint offers energy management tools that help optimize energy usage in the home. These tools include a camera for monitoring energy consumption. Users can remotely control and schedule their thermostats, lights, and other connected devices through the Vivint mobile app in their smart home. This allows Vivint homeowners to save energy when they're away or adjust Vivint settings for comfort before arriving home.

Vivint provides an array of options including smart locks, security cameras, window sensors, door sensors, motion sensors, outdoor cameras, and even a video doorbell called "Smart Sentry." Customers have praised Vivint's reliable equipment and responsive customer service in numerous reviews online.

Comparing Vivint with Alternative Security Systems

Wide Range of Smart Home Automation Features

Vivint home security offers a plethora of smart home automation features that some competitors lack. From controlling your lights and thermostat to monitoring your doorbell camera, Vivint provides an extensive selection of options to enhance the convenience and security of your home. With the Vivint system, you can easily integrate various devices and sensors into a single platform, creating a seamless smart home experience.

Professional Installation for Proper Setup

One way in which Vivint stands out from other security companies is through their professional installation service for smart home systems. This ensures that your smart home system, powered by Vivint, is set up correctly and functions optimally from day one. Vivint's trained technicians will handle the smart home installation process, saving you time and effort. By having Vivint professionals install your system, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is properly connected and functioning as intended.

Extensive Selection of Compatible Devices

Vivint offers an extensive selection of compatible devices and sensors for their security systems. Whether you need additional indoor cameras, motion detectors, or smart locks, Vivint has you covered. Vivint's wide range of options allows you to customize your system based on your specific needs and preferences.

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Vivint consistently receives high ratings compared to similar providers in the industry. Many Vivint customers praise the reliability and performance of their Vivint systems, as well as the responsiveness of their Vivint customer support team. Choosing a security system from Vivint with high customer satisfaction ratings can give you confidence in the quality and reliability of the service.

Analyzing the Performance and Functionality of Vivint's Equipment

Vivint home security systems boast state-of-the-art equipment that is designed for reliability and durability. Vivint's wireless connectivity offers flexibility in device placement, ensuring that you can position your Vivint devices wherever you need them most.

The intuitive user interface of Vivint's equipment makes it easy to operate the system without any hassle. You don't have to be a tech whiz to navigate through Vivint's monitoring service. It's as simple as a few taps on your smartphone or tablet with Vivint.

One of the standout features of Vivint's equipment is its advanced sensors. These Vivint sensors are capable of detecting even subtle changes in your home environment, providing an extra layer of protection. Whether it's motion detection, temperature fluctuations, or breaking glass, Vivint has got you covered.

With Vivint home security cameras, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere at any time. The compatibility of Vivint devices with various platforms and operating systems ensures seamless integration into your existing setup.

In addition to top-notch equipment, Vivint also offers professional installation services. A trained Vivint technician will visit your home and set up everything for you, so you don't have to worry about getting it right yourself.

Vivint's customer service is highly regarded by many users. Vivint provides prompt assistance whenever needed and ensures that their customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

To sum it up,Vivint's equipment works seamlessly with their monitoring plan and provides reliable security solutions for homeowners. With intuitive operation, advanced sensors, and professional installation services available, Vivint stands out as a strong contender in the home security market.

Is Vivint Home Security Worth It?

After analyzing the pros and cons, assessing the value, reviewing the smart home security features, comparing with alternative systems, and analyzing the performance of Vivint's equipment, it is clear that Vivint Home Security offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for protecting your home. With its advanced technology and innovative features, Vivint provides peace of mind to homeowners looking for a robust security system.

When considering whether Vivint Home Security is worth it for you, it's important to weigh the benefits against your specific needs and budget. While Vivint may come at a higher price point compared to some competitors, its cutting-edge equipment and extensive range of features make it a top choice for those seeking advanced home security solutions. The ability to control various aspects of your home remotely through the intuitive Vivint mobile app adds convenience and enhances overall safety.

In conclusion, if you prioritize top-notch technology, comprehensive protection, and seamless integration with smart home devices, then Vivint Home Security is definitely worth considering. The advanced features of Vivint provide an added layer of security that can significantly enhance your peace of mind.


What are the contract terms for Vivint Home Security?

Vivint typically requires customers to sign a 42 or 60-month contract. However, Vivint does offer flexible options such as month-to-month agreements in certain cases.

Does Vivint offer professional installation?

Yes, Vivint offers professional installation by trained technicians who will ensure that all components are properly set up and functioning optimally.

Can I control my Vivint system remotely?

Absolutely! With the Vivint mobile app or web portal, you can conveniently monitor and control your security system from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.

What happens if there's a power outage?

Vivint's systems include battery backup functionality that allows them to continue operating during power outages. This ensures uninterrupted protection for your home.

Does Vivint offer any warranty for their equipment?

Yes, Vivint provides a lifetime warranty on all its equipment. This means that if any component malfunctions or becomes defective, Vivint will replace it at no additional cost to you.

Is Vivint Available in the U.K.?

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